one night, one designer, one movie.
Inspirational design events:

DMN – Designers Movie Nights

Designers Movie Nights (DMN) is an initiative founded by Viktor Suszter and shortly after the initial phase extended with Daniel Feles and Bob Robert Turner. Once a month, one designer / presenter will introduce his favorite, design-related movie / documentary in a short, 30-minute talk.

Projection of the film will follow. We hope that in the talk, film, and informal discussion afterwards, we can explore the outskirt, unknown, border territory between the design profession and considerations relevant to the general public. For, Are we not all designers, designing our future?

The DMN initiative is intended to encourage informed, ethical, and responsible engagement with contemporary design-related questions in both design professionals and broader society, in a time of great environmental, social, and economic change.

what is design? And who
will design our future?